Dynamic Paid Search

Let us turn your own vehicle inventory into an unstoppable force of inventory-specific ads! Our proprietary dynamic inventory-based advertising system syncs up flawlessly with your inventory database, and generates ads for each specific vehicle on your lot. That means the ad served is the ad that fits their needs, which reduces the frequency of unwanted and unqualified clicks. This keeps your SEM costs down and your conversion rates up, and sets us apart from other SEM vendors.

Market Protection & Geo/Local Campaigns

Target your competition, dominate your area, and protect your brand with our Custom Foundation Search Campaigns. Using your dealership’s unique selling proposition, we will create an ad campaign that targets real car buyers in your area, and force them to visit your showroom before anyone else’s! Our strategy gives you the ability to force your competition as far off of the page as possible so that you are the only dealer the customer sees. Our advanced geo-targeting also allows us to not only dominate your home base, but gives you the option to spread your influence to areas where you can gain more market share. These campaigns are a crucial part of a strong marketing plan, and will allow you to remain in front of the competition no matter where the customer’s searching!

Dynamic Lease & Offer Landing Pages

DEP customers don’t ever have to worry about missing out on the opportunity to present a user with the best manufacturer incentives available. The platform consists of both dynamically generated ads on Google and Bing, and dynamically generated landing pages that contain all of the information about these offers that consumers could possibly want.

Dynamic Inventory Based Remarketing

Our dynamic remarketing system will take the vehicle images that customers specifically viewed on the dealer’s site, and use those images to create remarketing banners to continue to advertise to the customer as they browse other websites to draw them back to the dealer’s site.

CARoi- DMS Attribution

We pull in all website and digital marketing data and match it to all DMS sales activity, providing a report that shows dealers what IS, and IS NOT helping sell cars. Tying together both online and offline data, 3rd party vendors, and more, we are able to give the exact formula of what produces the best results.

DMS Targeting/Forecasting with Heatmapping

How do you really know if your digital marketing dollars are being spent in the right locations? That’s where our data heat map comes in! This system will map paid search spend vs. actual sales to find out where your money is being spent most effectively. This way, we can adjust targeting and bidding strategies to the areas in your market that produce the most sales. This means your money gets spent better, and your ROI goes up.

Display Advertising

Whether you want a campaign designed for dealership branding, or something event-driven or model specific, we can do it. We’ll design and place a targeted digital ad on hundreds of websites, and unlike traditional media, your prospects are only a click away from visiting you. You will find this to be a more cost-effective way of advertising, with a proven ROI.

YouTube TrueView

With over 90% of 25-54 year olds watching YouTube every day, YouTube for Action Advertising is one of the best ways to increase awareness for your brand. Whether remarketing or targeting an in-market audience, you can effectively display your advertising message to your ideal shopper. YouTube for Action campaigns are cost effective and also allow you to add a custom Call-To-Action button to entice shoppers to come visit your website after they watch your video.

Dynamic Inventory Facebook Advertising

Target users after they visit your website with VDP Remarketing. This low funnel campaign will show vehicles images to shoppers on their Facebook News Feeds, Instagram Feeds and more after viewing a VDP page on your website.

WAZE Advertising

WAZE is a map/navigation app used by over 90 million consumers in the US. Every minute, there are over 7 navigations to car dealers and every 5 minutes, over 56 searches for vehicle service centers on the app. If you don’t take advantage, you run the risk of having your customers get directed to your competitors’ showrooms and service lanes, instead of your own. With WAZE Advertising, you have multiple opportunities to put your brand in front of consumers at the moment they’re looking to drive to someone’s lot.

Google Posts

Google Posts are an inexpensive way to put a vivid image of your store and your offers on the front page of Google. Posts allows you to place scrolling banners just under your Google My Business listing. These banners are managed and can be rotated and changed as needed to ensure your messaging is always relevant and gives you the most visibility on Google. It also allows the posting of coupons, giving you the ability to have your special offers and promos on the first page of Google every time. The utilization of Google Posts helps give you an SEO boost and adds value to your Google My Business page listing. No more waiting for gift card redemptions, simply fill out the personalized offer and the dealer receives a high-quality lead directly to their CRM.

Banner Creation

Whether you want a campaign designed for dealership branding, or something event-driven or model specific, we can do it.

Service & Parts Campaigns

Our Parts and Service digital marketing system is built around three core marketing principles:

  • Flexibility
  • Customized marketing solutions crafted to fill your service lanes with customers
  • Technology
  • A precise, data-driven system managed by Certified Marketing Professionals
  • Transparency
  • With full account access, you see every dollar spent, leading to the highest levels of performance

Finance Campaigns

Target low funnel, ready to buy shoppers with custom Finance campaigns. Our finance campaigns are unique to each dealership, and highlight your incentives on a monthly basis. When the manufacturer incentives and special offers switch out, your ads will dynamically update – leaving no chance of outdated offers being advertised. Let your customers not only find what vehicle they are looking for, but the financing and special offers as well!

Social Media Carousel Ads

Reach and re-engage shoppers with Social Media Carousel ads. Follow customers onto Instagram with VIN-specific ads of the exact vehicles they showed interest in or leverage the power of Instagram and Polk audiences to engage with low-funnel shoppers for your brand.

OTT Video Advertising

Fill your funnel faster with OTT Video Advertising from Dealer eProcess, powered by Amazon! Streaming Video Advertising is a powerful marketing tool designed to reach ready-to-buy shoppers in your marketplace while they stream their favorite premium content via their connected devices and on all major streaming apps.  In the US alone, roughly 213.7 million people will access streaming content at least once per month, and this number will only continue to grow.  As one of only a small number of Amazon Advertising Partners, DEP has access to the most powerful targeting data of any digital marketing platform in automotive, period. We put that data to work for you to make sure that we reach YOUR customers wherever they are, without wasting a single ad dollar. Take advantage of this industry-leading offering from Dealer eProcess before your competitors do!