When it comes to automotive marketing, understanding the customer journey is key to the success of any marketing strategy. With Force Marketing’s rich portfolio of brands you can now rely on one partner to deliver the right message to the right consumer during every stage of their car shopping, buying and service journey. From the time a consumer begins consideration on brand, price and dealer location, to the moment they consider their purchase or financing options, down to the communication after the sale through service and parts support. Force Marketing offers a new front-to-back consumer lifecycle marketing solution.

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DRIVE® is an award-winning dynamic streaming video platform designed specifically for dealerships. Our award-winning technology matches in-market auto shoppers with your inventory, while automating a personalized digital video experience on every channel.

Our streaming video platform generates dynamic videos based on your current inventory. The videos are then distributed to platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, CTV, OTT and programmatic networks, in a matter of seconds. DRIVE® manages and optimizes each streaming video campaign to consistently maximize ROI and deliver more sales and service appointments. DRIVE® combines a personalized digital shopping experience with an actual VIN from your website.

Digital Advertising Traffic Drivers

Force Marketing offers a full suite of tech-enabled digital marketing solutions that support the full consumer lifecycle journey.

With our paid search strategies we developed an algorithm-based technology that monitors, analyzes and adjusts your PPC keyword bids around-the-clock. Customize goals, performance KPIs, and limitations per account or group - called “Blueprints”. Automated bid changes based on Blueprint, plus optimization opportunities, negative clean ups, and keyword mining.

In paid media we offer multiple strategies to ignite traffic and convert consumers through Dynamic Paid Social, Static Paid Social or Dynamic Display/Retargeting as well as Static Pre-roll videos.


The average lead conversion rate on dealership websites is only 2%-4% for sales and around 12% for service and parts leaving dealers with no way to connect with 88%-96% of their unique visitors because they do not call, complete a form fill or chat.

RECAPTURE™ changes all that as the industry’s only lost shopper capture and marketing automation program. Each site visitor that leaves without conversion is identified and pushed through our proprietary Audience IQ™ platform where actionable marketing data is appended and validated using industry leading sources. Each prospect is marketed to using personalized email, direct mail and mobile marketing to increase lost-shopper sell-through rates exponentially.


Equity+ focuses on delivering personalized messages to 4-Core audiences in the dealership DMS. Each message including the trade-in offer, upgrade offer, service offer and warranty offer is completely custom to the prospect receiving it based on the audience segment they belong to.

Equity+ uses artificial intelligence “ai” to scan over 100 attributes of each prospect including purchase and service history, lifestyle changes, credit and vehicle equity to identify the best vehicle to give them a custom upgrade quote each quarter.

Atom Lifecycle Marketing

The aTom® Retention platform is the most advanced and flexible retention and loyalty solution in the market. Our solution expands communications to a dealer’s entire DMS, adds channels (email, direct mail, social, display, and streaming video), adds more touchpoints (triggers) to the customer journey, assisting your dealership to retain customers before they defect. aTom® Retention platform is the most flexible solution in marketing and can be utilized as a full-service retention program that encompasses the entire ownership experience.

Additionally, aTom® can be utilized as a “wrap around” retention solution to enhance the fundamental, linear, one size fits all programs offered by standard OEM programs. aTom® Retention platform allows your dealership to reach a larger audience at a higher frequency with our “always on” triggered communication platform. Encourage sales with strategically timed sales-related communications. aTom® Retention focuses on the dealership challenges which deliver greatest results!


Audience IQ does more than your average customer data platform.

We put customer data in the hands of the marketer. Thanks to a single customer view of every customer and powerful real-time segmentation, you can personalize omnichannel journeys like never before.

Bring online & offline data together

Connect, track and unify data from all online and offline sources to create one, unified customer profile of interactions, whether they are known customers or not.

Create the segments that matter the most.

Audience IQ lets you define your own metrics and custom attributes based on historical and real-time customer behavior (e.g., CLTV, number of purchases, or even days until their birthday) — all without requiring deep developer or data science expertise.​

Omnichannel orchestration

You've unified your customer data, but Audience IQ doesn't stop there. With powerful omnichannel orchestration capabilities, give your marketers total control over every aspect of the customer journey. Add real-time triggers, customer segments, conditions, and integrated marketing channels*.