Trusted by more dealers than any other digital solution, and engineered on an all-new, mobile-first platform for more flexibility and customization, websites give you the power to automatically deliver a personalized shopping and buying experience for every shopper. From inventory merchandising, to fixed operations marketing, to digital retailing, you can create and control your digital storefront experience with more efficiency and less manual effort than ever before.

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Mobile-First Websites

Beyond the one-size-fits-all approach taken by other automotive website providers, Websites combine responsive design with server-side elements to facilitate simple customization of the mobile experience. This hybrid, mobile-first approach to website design reflects the reality that consumers shop differently across different devices. gives dealers the flexibility to easily customize without sacrificing speed or search ranking.

All New Front-End Design Architecture

Our all-new site architecture gives dealers more flexibility than ever to customize, manage, and differentiate their websites, resulting in fewer support requests. Bolstered by dynamic new homepages and thousands of style configurations, the new design system connects dealers to additional fonts, color palettes, heading text, buttons and styles that are relevant to their existing design and available on-demand without custom work.

Personalized Shopping

Personalizing the shopper journey on your website has never been more critical, and more simple.’s Experience Optimization technology delivers personalized inventory and incentives recommendations to shoppers who visit your website based on their vehicle preferences, without any manual effort by the dealer.

Winner of two consecutive Automotive Website Awards for innovation, Experience Optimization delivers high-impact personalization to your website automatically, putting potential buyers in front of the information that matters most to them.

An Immersive Inventory Page Experience

Our new inventory page experience delivers a more transparent and trustworthy user experience, with high-resolution vehicle imagery, Cox Automotive Digital Retailing, Kelley Blue Book vehicle reviews, and mobile-first collapsible features and sticky navigation. These elements turn ordinary browsing activities into buying behaviors and keep shoppers on your VDPs, one of the most critical steps in the shopper journey.

On-Site Specials Distribution Platform

On-site merchandising is simplified with Specials Campaign Manager, a robust incentives and specials creation and syndication engine that deploys specials where shoppers will find them–on your homepage, inventory pages, and coupon pages.

Accelerate Sales with Digital Retailing from Cox Automotive

Give car shoppers the experience they want by letting them start the car-buying process right from your inventory pages, all while you work deals online just as you would in-store, double close rates, and increase profitability. That’s what you get with digital retailing from Cox Automotive, the industry’s most powerful digital retailing solution now completely integrated with your Website.

Fast and Secure Websites

We partner with Akamai, the world’s largest Content Distribution Network, to ensure fast delivery of the website experience. We adhere to stringent site speed best practices to deliver a website experience that surpasses consumer expectations.

Measure and Maximize Your Performance

To understand your digital performance, and how you stack up to your competition, you need more than basic digital data. Our Analytics platform provides critical data and insight into your website, advertising and campaign performance, with an easy-to-read reporting system that delivers comprehensive business intelligence across your digital investment.

Strategic Partnership

A focused and integrated team of in-field consultants and digital marketing experts and technologists work together for your dealership. From technical issues to strategic planning, our Client Services team brings you the solutions to all your day-to-day and long-term digital marketing challenges.

Managed Services

Unlock your potential with a custom digital partnership. Managed Services allow you to stand out from your competition and increase your digital marketing results. Through distinct but connected service offerings including Search Engine Optimization, Content & Creative, Custom Video and a comprehensive Social media solution, we help you create and execute a complete custom digital marketing strategy that drives sales opportunities, saves you time and money, and frees you to sell and service more customers.


Drive your dealership to the top of the search results pages, differentiate from your competition, and generate more leads with the industry’s premier SEO solution. Our interdisciplinary teams – among the largest in automotive – draw from continuous training on the latest search engine best practices and partner with you each month on a content strategy that meets your goals and enhances your overall dealership visibility.

Custom Content and Creative’s professional Campaign Coordinators and Graphic Designers create compelling, strategic website content for all your profit centers that increases on-site engagement and aligns with your campaign strategy, dealership goals, and specific dealership, group, and OEM identity.

Managed Social’s dedicated Social Media Coordinators provide a balanced approach to social media marketing and dealership community management. Campaigns and social activity consistently align with your overall digital strategy and encompass a complete range of services to optimize your social identity and reach.