DealerOn’s award-winning responsive website platform allows your site to look like you want it and perform how you need it. Using a customizable library of designs, DealerOn will build a site that has the personal touch you want, providing an online storefront that fits your branding and image. DealerOn’s industry leading technology will get you a minimum of a 25% increase in leads over your previous provider.

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Enroll today to take advantage of DealerOn’s responsive website platform optimized to capture qualified leads for your sales team. Whether you’re a single rooftop or part of the largest privately held dealer group in the US, our out-of-the-box websites provide the top SEO results, fastest load times, and best mobile experience in automotive.

DealerOn’s Basic Package includes

  • Award-winning responsive website platform: DealerOn’s Responsive Website Platform is the most advanced in the industry. Our platform (as Google recommends) is completely responsive which improves SEO, increases conversion, and improves customer experience, relative to the adaptive and multi-url website platforms. Additionally, our responsive websites require less dealer hours to maintain and update, and are “future proof” because, unlike adaptive sites, they automatically adjust and optimize for any new phone, tablet, or wearable device or size, without any technology updates or changes.
  • Google analytics integrated reporting suite: DealerOn’s Enterprise-Level Reporting and Analytics Engine, uses the Google Analytics API system as the underlying technology for our reporting platform. This means that our reporting system can generate Enterprise reporting that can incorporate any of the marketing data that Google Analytics provides in their system, providing INCREDIBLE ad hoc reporting capabilities and even Demographic Reporting for our clients.
  • World-class customer service: Award-winning team with the knowledge and experience to take your dealership to the next level.
  • Automated specials: DealerOn’s specials engine lets dealers set up their own rules-based algorithms to automatically display specials highlighting specific vehicles, models, or classes of vehicles (EG-vehicles more than 30 days old or vehicles under $10,000 or 2013 Jettas). The specials engine is intuitive and easy to use, so dealer personnel are more likely to use the system and maintain engaging, attractive, up- to-date specials.
  • Free third-party integrations: DealerOn’s website platform readily integrates with every lead capturing product available to all segments across the industry. Whether it is Chat, Service Scheduler, Credit App or a Trade Application tool, we can support every industry lead conversion tool.
  • Advanced SEO capabilities: DealerOn’s website platform provides the SEO management tools that digital agencies and in-house SEO specialists crave. Dealers can easily customize SEO across all major platform pages, leveraging a library of replacement codes, so that a few quick SEO edits can update all vehicle details pages with optimized content based on whatever keyword patterns the dealer or their agency selects.
  • Free, unlimited exports: DealerOn can provide free inventory exports of all relevant inventory data to 100’s 3rd party websites that host dealer inventory.
  • A/B testing platform: Dealers are able to conduct A/B tests and appropriately measure/value the results of their testing plan with our Optimization team.

DealerOn’s Premium Package includes everything in the Basic package, plus

  • Integrated blog: DealerOn provides all of our dealers with a fully integrated WordPress blog that exists as a folder within the primary URL of the domain for maximum SEO value. Dealers may then write their own search optimized content to leverage the powerful platform that we provide out of the box.
  • Inventory management: DealerOn’s inventory management system lets you pull, edit, and deliver inventory from any DMS to your website and third party sites. Dealers can add pricing, pictures, and custom comments for every vehicle in inventory, with the ability to make modifications to specific pieces of inventory before being published to the website, and create bulk pricing rules for easier management.
  • Lead accelerator coupon: website-integrated vehicle coupon with popup blocker-avoiding website entrance and exit coupon which delivers a significant increase in highly-qualified vehicle leads.
  • DealerOn video package: DealerOn’s Base video package provides attractive, engaging, VIN specific walk-arounds for each vehicle in a dealership’s used inventory.
  • Price drop alert: Dealers can increase lead submissions by giving consumers the chance to request notifications about any drop in price for a particular piece of inventory. Dealers can remarket to consumers about specific vehicles or types of vehicles in addition to generating a lead on that vehicle itself.
  • SEO accelerator system: DealerOn’s SEO Accelerator Platform provides customized SEO adhering to Google’s best practices for: Title Tags, Meta Tags, On-page readable content, semantic markup/structured data, Google and Bing optimized XML sitemaps.

DealerOn’s Elite Package includes everything in the Basic and Premium packages, plus

  • Behavioral targeting system: DealerOn’s Behavioral Targeting System (BTS) is a state-of-the-art lead generation enhancement system designed to increase a dealer’s website leads and service RO’s by delivering contextually relevant offers to consumers as they leave a dealer’s website. As an example, consider a consumer visiting your dealership’s website, perusing the service department hours’ page, looking at their Service Reps experience, and then deciding to leave the website. BTS uses a patent-pending technology to detect the consumer’s mouse moving to abandon the website, and dynamically serves up a 10% off Service offer (or whatever service offer the dealer wanted to leverage).

The BTS lead generation system provides dealers with a tool to deliver targeted offers to consumers browsing the new or used vehicle inventory, the service department, or other major parts of the site of the dealer’s choosing. The offers can be A/B tested in real-time, so that dealers can improve the performance of the system over time. Currently, BTS increases the typical dealers’ website lead performance by 25%-30%.

  • Web presence optimizer: DealerOn’s exclusive web presence optimization platform is unique within the retail automotive industry. This platform provides SEO tracking, reporting, and analytics that actually tie Keyword Ranking to Traffic and Leads (via our integration with Google Analytics API).
  • Mobile lead driver: DealerOn’s mobile coupon ensures that your website can provide a proven lead conversion tool--a cash back incentive for a vehicle purchase--for any consumer, regardless of device. Mobile users are closer to the point of purchase, and those same consumers are more likely to be influenced by a monetary incentive. Mobile lead driver ensures that dealers maximize their vehicle sales to these consumers.